Uses of Honey

Why do we give importance to the preservation of bees? It is because bees produce honey that is essential for our survival on this earth. Here are the top uses of honey:

1.  Medicine

Honey is used as a medicine in for various sickness like cancer and cease. In fact, it can sure breast cancer, liver cancer and kidney cease. Honey is found to be anti-cancer vaccine, preventing cancer that grows in cells of both animals and humans. This is due to the presence of flavonoids and phenolic acids that are responsible in preventing cancer in breast. It was also proven that it can be an alternative for chemotherapy due to the presence of tamoxifen in honey element. Not only can it cure cancer but also colds and cough. When you are suffering from extreme itch of the throat, you can crash a little of garlic and mix it with a spoonful of honey. Later, your phlegm will come out when you cough. This is very effective especially if you have a dry cough.

2. Beauty Product

Hone can treat acne, sanitize body, soothes skin and moisturizes skin. Honey is a natural beauty product that can be sure effective to all humans. Of course, there are many beauty products that beauticians are selling but there is nothing as effective as honey. No one is sure if chemicals in those products are effective.

3. Cooking and Food Ingredient

All of us are aware that honey is good for cooking mixing it potatoes or mix it with the cake or bread. Honey makes foods delicious and aromatic.

4. Diet

Honey is good for diet because it boosts metabolism. If you mix honey and lemon in water, then drink it, your metabolism will quickly work.