Tips for Health Maintenance

All mankind are striving to die at an old age so that we could still enjoy the life on this earth. However, if we do not  take care of our health, all our plans will come to nothing. All our dreams will vanish if we do not keep value the health that is given to us. Of course, in order to survive, we should make effort to work. But it does not mean that we will neglect our health. Have check up regularly.

Let us not wait for the time when the doctor gives a limit of our breath. Health is wealth. No one will disagree with this. All the happiness on earth will vanish if we are bearing physical pain. Health is the most important treasure that we have to keep. In other words, we have to find medicines for our health such as herbal medicines, honey, lemon and avoid hazardous foods harmful to our body. We must also exercise so that we our body will look fresh, maintain flexibility and endurance.

Rest if you are very tired because overfatigue weakens the body, tires the brain and stimulates bad mood. Try to be always happy from the bottom of your heart so that you will be freed from stresses and anxieties. Watch entertaining movies and programs. Read stories to make your  brain active. All of these will help you maintain your health so that you will live a long life.Please do at least one of these things before late.