The rising concern of bees decline and disappearance

If you saw a bee what would you do? Many run away from it and others just kill it. Because of the expected sting of bees, many kill them so they will not bite anyone as the result is not good to feel. When I am still young and saw a bee, I ran away from them because I was already stung several times as many bees can come in the garden of my mother. My mother loves to plant and take care of flowers in different kinds so bees are also attracted to come in our backyard. Sometimes my mother also plants vegetables in our backyard but most of the time she is taking care of the flowers and different trees. I love to play there so that is where I was bitten by bees. When I was already bitten many times I became cautious when I play in the garden and I began to stay indoors especially when I adopt the habit of reading novels that are interesting.

When I grew up, I did not imagine that I would be interested in bees. But my interest began when I learned the many benefits that you can get from it. I learned to use honey in my food and also for personal care when I watched in videos uploaded on how to use the honey. Now I regularly buy honey from the supermarket. My interests did not stop there but I tried to build my own bee hives at the back of my home but I surrendered when I cannot take care of it anymore. Now I am focused on teaching and also writing articles on this website so I can share about bees. Do not be afraid of them that learn also about them so you want to know how to deal with it. Many people just kill but in other parts of the country, they are now making efforts to let them survive because of the issue of their disappearance and decline. Then how can we help then so that bees will not totally disappear? You can make the best out for your home design. See more from this page 旭昱. Check it now here guys.

They are needed especially in pollination then what should we do? If we want to eat the food that benefits from the bees then you can support the local beekeepers in their activity. You can try to plant flowers or plants that bees can pollinate. Just be careful not to be stung. Be more careful if there are children in the house. If you cannot do the others then you can also support by spreading awareness on the situation of bees and what could be done to stop their disappearance. There is a study that found out that even colonies are disappearing with bees not in them already. In the second infographic, you can see how the neonics affect the honeybees. You can see how the colony contamination affects the bees and how it leads to the death of a whole colony.