List of 12 important things not to do in Thailand

The city of Bangkok is one of the dream travel destinations of many tourists here in Asia. The economy of Bangkok is booming due to the tourism that brought in much profit not just to the government but also to the private sectors. Tourists flock to the city not just because of the tourist’s destinations but also because of the shopping industry that is in good business. You can buy wholesale that you will resell or personal use products. They have many markets where you can shop and also a shopping center where you can find many products at a lower price compared to the original signature ones. Many travelers have enjoyed their vacation because of the many products they were able to buy there that they can not easily buy somewhere. One shopping center even has everything in one roof like restaurants and shopping areas. They also like the cuisine of the Thailanders so they try even the flourishing street foods and the floating market that is a unique feature of their country.

The video above offers tips on what not to do in Thailand. Your goal in coming here is to enjoy, have some fun and find adventures. But it can become an unpleasant journey because of things that you intentionally or unintentionally have done while being here that can lead to a problem.  For you to have a good vacation, watch the video above where it explains the twelve things that you should not do while in Thailand. It is very beneficial and one of that concerns about the monks. Monks have set rules and that is they cannot sit in a bus or public transportation with females. They are also not allowed to touch women so do not try to be very close to them. No one should be in the position where they are higher than the monks.Another thing that you should not do in Japan is that you should not use your feet to point or hold the door as they are considered dirty. And you need also a higher security in here. Check this site to help you 抓姦. This is amazing in security service.

In a more specific application as said in the video is that you should not angle the position of your feet towards people. Thailanders also respect their leader very much and they show it in words and action as they do not say anything against them. They also do not use their feet to step on a coin to keep it from rolling away. Even if you are a tourist but you should consider about not dressing up correctly especially if you will visit a temple.It is recommended that you use white colored clothes when you visit one. Long pants or skirt is recommended and shoulders should also be covered. Going to the number five list of not to do is that you should not use your fingers to point at anything like a person. Going in a party makes us always think of the dress that we should wear. Special event dresses by Jasmine is perfect for those who wants to have a gorgeous attire in attending a special event. It is because of its elegant and classic look that makes it stunning. This applies in the situation that when you call for a waiter you should not point at them or even clap your hand to get attention. About divorce application, check over this link 離婚. This company might help you process easily your papers.