List of 12 important things not to do in Thailand

The city of Bangkok is one of the dream travel destinations of many tourists here in Asia. The economy of Bangkok is booming due to the tourism that brought in much profit not just to the government but also to the private sectors. Tourists flock to the city not just because of the tourist’s destinations but also because of the shopping industry that is in good business. You can buy wholesale that you will resell or personal use products. They have many markets where you can shop and also a shopping center where you can find many products at a lower price compared to the original signature ones. Many travelers have enjoyed their vacation because of the many products they were able to buy there that they can not easily buy somewhere. One shopping center even has everything in one roof like restaurants and shopping areas. They also like the cuisine of the Thailanders so they try even the flourishing street foods and the floating market that is a unique feature of their country.

The video above offers tips on what not to do in Thailand. Your goal in coming here is to enjoy, have some fun and find adventures. But it can become an unpleasant journey because of things that you intentionally or unintentionally have done while being here that can lead to a problem.  For you to have a good vacation, watch the video above where it explains the twelve things that you should not do while in Thailand. It is very beneficial and one of that concerns about the monks. Monks have set rules and that is they cannot sit in a bus or public transportation with females. They are also not allowed to touch women so do not try to be very close to them. No one should be in the position where they are higher than the monks.Another thing that you should not do in Japan is that you should not use your feet to point or hold the door as they are considered dirty. And you need also a higher security in here. Check this site to help you 抓姦. This is amazing in security service.

In a more specific application as said in the video is that you should not angle the position of your feet towards people. Thailanders also respect their leader very much and they show it in words and action as they do not say anything against them. They also do not use their feet to step on a coin to keep it from rolling away. Even if you are a tourist but you should consider about not dressing up correctly especially if you will visit a temple.It is recommended that you use white colored clothes when you visit one. Long pants or skirt is recommended and shoulders should also be covered. Going to the number five list of not to do is that you should not use your fingers to point at anything like a person. Going in a party makes us always think of the dress that we should wear. Special event dresses by Jasmine is perfect for those who wants to have a gorgeous attire in attending a special event. It is because of its elegant and classic look that makes it stunning. This applies in the situation that when you call for a waiter you should not point at them or even clap your hand to get attention. About divorce application, check over this link 離婚. This company might help you process easily your papers.

The rising concern of bees decline and disappearance

If you saw a bee what would you do? Many run away from it and others just kill it. Because of the expected sting of bees, many kill them so they will not bite anyone as the result is not good to feel. When I am still young and saw a bee, I ran away from them because I was already stung several times as many bees can come in the garden of my mother. My mother loves to plant and take care of flowers in different kinds so bees are also attracted to come in our backyard. Sometimes my mother also plants vegetables in our backyard but most of the time she is taking care of the flowers and different trees. I love to play there so that is where I was bitten by bees. When I was already bitten many times I became cautious when I play in the garden and I began to stay indoors especially when I adopt the habit of reading novels that are interesting.

When I grew up, I did not imagine that I would be interested in bees. But my interest began when I learned the many benefits that you can get from it. I learned to use honey in my food and also for personal care when I watched in videos uploaded on how to use the honey. Now I regularly buy honey from the supermarket. My interests did not stop there but I tried to build my own bee hives at the back of my home but I surrendered when I cannot take care of it anymore. Now I am focused on teaching and also writing articles on this website so I can share about bees. Do not be afraid of them that learn also about them so you want to know how to deal with it. Many people just kill but in other parts of the country, they are now making efforts to let them survive because of the issue of their disappearance and decline. Then how can we help then so that bees will not totally disappear? You can make the best out for your home design. See more from this page 旭昱. Check it now here guys.

They are needed especially in pollination then what should we do? If we want to eat the food that benefits from the bees then you can support the local beekeepers in their activity. You can try to plant flowers or plants that bees can pollinate. Just be careful not to be stung. Be more careful if there are children in the house. If you cannot do the others then you can also support by spreading awareness on the situation of bees and what could be done to stop their disappearance. There is a study that found out that even colonies are disappearing with bees not in them already. In the second infographic, you can see how the neonics affect the honeybees. You can see how the colony contamination affects the bees and how it leads to the death of a whole colony.

Amazing Facts about Food that is Not Known to Everyone

We all know the very fact that food is essential to all living being. Living creatures whether big or small need food to survive because a food is basically the number one human need. Even the cruelest and fierce animals do eat, they need food. Food is our very source of energy, without food, we cannot function or do our everyday activity. We can say that food is life itself. Talking about food, here are some amazing facts about food: Do you know that cucumber seeds give you heartburn and cucumbers are gassy foods that make you fart always. Yes, cucumber does. It was estimated that Americans eat 12 Billion bananas per year.  Honey is the only food edible to humans that will never go bad or never expires. Experts say that you could leave a jar of honey even it reaches 3000 years will never expire and is still tasty and edible. The color yellow, red and orange color are always used in fast food restaurant as logos or tag color because these colors stimulate hunger. That explains why McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s and so much more uses a strong color of red to attract and stimulate customers to eat

That explains why McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s and so much more uses a strong color of red to attract and stimulate customers to eat into their fast food. There are actually over 1000 kinds of apple around the world. In Japan, we can find the most popular topping for pizza made of squid at the Dominos’s Pizza and also Japan is where to find unique square watermelons. It is also said that cherries belongs to the family of Rose. Peanuts found in many food preparations are used for making Dynamites, very amazing. The known nutmegs are extremely poisonous when it is injected intravenously, take a notion. Ice creams are mostly eaten between 9: 00 and 11:00 pm and is said that it is being eaten by females over the age of 30. The coca cola which is the famous soft drinks nowadays was first originally green in color before. In the United States, the average person eats 35 tons of food in a lifetime. Pizza Hut once spent $1 million to deliver into space as per the scientist to eat.

One more amazing fact, do you know that cheese is the food item being most shoplifted in the world. In the year 1800’s tomato ketchup was used to treat nausea and diarrhea. According to the estimation, humans kill 1776 animals per second as food. Peanuts are actually not nuts but legumes. Accordingly, chicken contains 266% more fat today’s than that of chicken 40 years ago. In terms of emergencies, coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasma. Breast milk is proven to be the only food that provides all the nutrient that human need. Do you know also that India has the world’s lowest meat consumption? Yes, they are. In Korea they eat alive Octopus, click me. In the United States, there are 40% of produce grown that were not eaten or sold because it is too ugly and the world’s 5th largest supplier of food is found in California.

Benefits of Glucose You Must Know

Glucose is considered as one of the main sources of energy. It actually helps to maintain life. Medically, glucose is very essential. A solution of glucose can be used for dilution of drugs or a substitute energy fro hydration. But they have different indications and reactions depending on their concentrations. Glucose syrup contains glucose which is essentially good to sweeten foods, add volume and soften texture. Sometimes, it is used for antioxidation and fermentation industrially. Did you know that glucose is widely used as nutritional supplement in pharmaceutical?

They are contained in oral tablets and buffering agent. It is used widely as buffering agent in a way that it is contained in veterinary medicine and nutrition supplement in animal feed to enhance nutrition value.  Furthermore, glucose is like a fuel  of the body. It is a key source of energy through aerobic respiration. When glucose is oxidized, it eventually forms into carbon dioxide and water, producing what we call as ATP, which is significant for fuel chemical reaction.

Moreover, glucose is helpful to activate the mind because glucose supplies almost energy for the brain and muscles. As a matter of fact, competitors academically uses glucose before the competition for more focused attention and getting the best results. Sweet foods, soft drinks, juices and candies contains glucose too as glucose is a base compound of sugar. Basically, glucose is a result of photosynthesis of plants and some prokaryotes, essential in the production of amino acids and proteins that human body needs the most.

Tips for Health Maintenance

All mankind are striving to die at an old age so that we could still enjoy the life on this earth. However, if we do not  take care of our health, all our plans will come to nothing. All our dreams will vanish if we do not keep value the health that is given to us. Of course, in order to survive, we should make effort to work. But it does not mean that we will neglect our health. Have check up regularly.

Let us not wait for the time when the doctor gives a limit of our breath. Health is wealth. No one will disagree with this. All the happiness on earth will vanish if we are bearing physical pain. Health is the most important treasure that we have to keep. In other words, we have to find medicines for our health such as herbal medicines, honey, lemon and avoid hazardous foods harmful to our body. We must also exercise so that we our body will look fresh, maintain flexibility and endurance.

Rest if you are very tired because overfatigue weakens the body, tires the brain and stimulates bad mood. Try to be always happy from the bottom of your heart so that you will be freed from stresses and anxieties. Watch entertaining movies and programs. Read stories to make your  brain active. All of these will help you maintain your health so that you will live a long life.Please do at least one of these things before late.

The 10 most recommended Thai foods you should try

One of the parts of traveling that you should enjoy is food. You can see many groups of families, friends or workers that gather together in restaurants and eat together. Eating with a group or with anyone that you know or your family members gives importance to the meal and it is even more memorable if the food you are eating is delicious. When a family gathers together to eat outside, they make it a point to gather at a place where they like the food and the environment. Food has its own way of making the ambiance happy and relax. At times when you meet someone the first time and you do not know what to do you can lessen the awkward feeling when there is food and you can have a conversation about it. When children also eat the food that is prepared by their parents, it is very satisfying to both parties. It makes the family healthy physically and mentally. It can have the powerful effect to create a bond between children and parents.

As you will travel here in Thailand then you also should try the cuisine and delicacies that they have here as it is really delicious and very satisfying. Through a video of the top ten list of Thai food, I will share with you the food that I also enjoyed while staying here in Thailand. I will add some later of the other list that I recommend that is not included in the video. One of the food that is in the video and it is the number one in the list is the Tom Yam Goong. It is a soup that is sour in taste and usually serves hot. It is with shrimp most of the time. It also serves or cooked in other Asian countries like Cambodia, Malaysia, and Laos. Next is the famous pad thai. This food is noodle that is usually stir-fried. Visit and conduct for your visa now here 台胞證辦理. Next is the Kuay Tiew that is also a noodle and also the favorite dish of other Asian countries.

The Som Tam is a salad that has the green or not ripe papaya as the main ingredient. It is spicy but very delicious. The Gai Med Ma Moung is a chicken recipe that is also stir fried and served with cashew nuts. Next in the list is Gai Med Ma Moung, Kang Kheaw Whan Gai, Tom Kha Gai, Kao Phad, Massaman Curry and the Khao man gai. These are all the food dishes that is in the video. Some of the dishes that I also like is the Kanom Jeen Namya that I try to eat more than thrice in a month. The Nam that is wrapped in the lettuce. It is fried and it is not found anywhere. Try to visit China and taste this amazing food. Apply now for your visa renewal here click site 泰雅. I only tasted it when my co-teacher bring whenever her grandmother cooks it.

The amazing 50 benefits and uses of raw honey

Many people have already tasted what is honey and many agree that it is a sweet liquid that you can use in different ways that includes food, personal care, hair benefits, medicinal benefits and much more. I use to have mine when I took care of bees but when I gave up, I just buy from the grocery store. The raw honey cannot be compared with its rich sweetness from other brands. They sell honey as the demand is also good because of its many benefits. With the help of an infographic below, we will learn about the bees. What is the list of fifty items that can be gained from raw honey? We can see as it is enumerated in the infographic below. These bees who have existed for almost thirty million years is doing well in its work to pollinate plants and for them to be able to have a hive that can produce a honey. One of the famous product from bees is the honey and the beeswax that is widely available.

As you can see in the infographic above, there are six hair benefits from raw honey. You just have to make a mixture then apply it in accordance with the instruction so you can have the natural hair benefits they can give you. When you will use it only for dandruff then you need not arrange anything. You can just put the honey directly into the scalp then wash it only after 30 minutes of being in the hair. The others have to be mixed with other ingredients to achieve the desired effect. The next is personal care which thirteen of it is listed above with different applications and also mixture for the specific concern or problem. It has been used for a long time and they are said to be proven effective. If you search on the internet you can see many who uploaded videos or recipes written as they give their own mixture and let you see the before and after effect of it. See how amazing this taiwan elder care service. You can browse here to check their site. This is what elders look for.

If you have any concern and you can find it in the infographic, then it is good for you as now you have a remedy for that and you just need honey.In the medicinal part, there are twenty-nine of it that is listed that can be cured or treated by the raw honey. There is now wonder why many have incorporated it in their diet every day as the effect is many. Many mothers have already been using it for their health and the whole family. An example above is wart removal. I do not know that it can be used even if I had been using honey in my food and other personal care routines. I will introduce it to my friend that has wart problem in her hand. She has been looking for ways to let it remove but she is hesitant to use laser procedure even if it is safe to use.

The 5 main products of the hives and their amazing benefits

It is not easy sometimes for people to love and appreciate the bees because they have been bitten by these creatures that want to wander from different plants as their everyday activity. When they wander or rather working they can sometimes go into the places where people are there and they can just bite them. People have the instinct to go away from bees because of their unwanted sting. It is not a good feeling so you cannot blame people for that reaction. Many even want to kill them even if they were not bitten for fear that they will be if the bee will stay there as sometimes they can be annoying flying endlessly into different places with their sound. Rather than having the very big possibility of being bitten, they just kill the bees. But if we understand something about this bees, maybe we can have a different reaction when we encounter a bee. But it would be different if you ran into a hive of the bee.

If you will read all that is in the infographic then you will find out many amazing benefits that the hives can give. The five main products from the hives are pollen, honey, propolis, beeswax and royal jelly. Honey is the famous products from these bees around the world. They are even exported and imported into different nations and sometimes there are the local products that can deceive you as they were mixed with sugar. If you have an idea how to look for one that is not filled with pure honey then you are okay to buy anywhere. Most countries have their own bees and bees have their own categories also and even those have their own subcategories. Bees are worldwide so they also have their own characteristics. But the common is that they produced the honey that people enjoy around the world. You can see also about the royal jelly in the infographic, one of the products of the hive. It has many benefits including in health like it is an anti-inflammatory and can also heal wounds because of the properties it has.

You can find more benefits in the infographic above. The other main product of the hive that is used by many companies to manufacture beauty products or other essentials that can be used for the body like hair removal that you can use beeswax to remove it. Beeswax is also good to soothe your lips and it is good to use during the dry and humid weather that can let the skin lost its moisture that can lead to cracks and flakes. There are many business strategy that a business may have to use for the growth of their business.  But today, many are using online promotion of services to sell their products. This is because of the arising of technology that people are all commonly using this what we call internet. You can still find in the infographic the different kinds of diseases that can be cured by the different products that come from the hive like boosting the death of the prostate cancer cells if you use the propolis. They can also be used to treat warts that you have in your body. The beeswax contains vitamin A.

The life, world, and death of the honeybee

I used to be afraid of a bee when I saw one because I do not want to be bitten by it. I have already experienced being bitten and it is not good so I do not want to be repeated again that is why I avoid bee when I see one and I will cover my face even when it is near as a caution. Now I have already been in the bee industry but I did not continue it. My experience allowed me to understand about the bees. Their life, what they do, what products you can get from them and other benefits that they can give especially their honey. I came to not fear them anymore but feel delighted when I see them. When I understood the benefits they give to the society, I came to change my perspective about this creature. Now I am promoting bee education so that people will have a correct understanding also about this bees and know how can they help.

Thanks to the infographic above that we can now know much about the honeybee. If you see the title or description, it is the life, death, and world of a honey bee. It is because many things that you have to know about honeybees are written or contained in the infographic. The part that honeybees can have an impact on different farms is illustrated so you can have an idea about it. It is noteworthy to see that other fruits and vegetables rely only on this bees to pollinate their fruits so they can have produced. Without the bees, they cannot bear fruit so we can see the importance of the bees on agricultural products. One of the information that I was amazed when I first got to know bout the honeybees is their dance. I do not know that they dance. I thought they were just flying with their sounds. In the illustration above, you can see three kinds of dance they performed to call or show the way that they can get food to the other bees. And in cleaning service, you can trust this company. You pop over to these guys to visit their website. They conduct a lot of cleaning services here.

The bee can pinpoint where is the place by the kind of dance and if it is near or far. It is very nice to know this kind of communication between bees. The question to how the bees find food and find together is now known. As they search for food, they are also doing their work of pollination that is very important to the crop industry. If they will not work then the future of the crops are in peril. It is said that about fifteen billion is the value of crops that can be harvested with the help of bee pollination. Help clean their nests with this cleaning agency service, information here. There are also the three types of honeybees and that is the worker who does all the work obviously and the drone that mates with the queen bee to be able to lay eggs.

The list of 25 exciting adventures you can do in Thailand

As I am here in Thailand, I want to share some things about this country to you. This is a popular tourist destination here in Asia so I want also to introduce it to you especially if you have not yet visited this beautiful and a place full of adventure. I have been working here and I was able to have a great experience in this country. I was not able to record it in videos and did not keep a planner or diary in my adventure so I will get some video that someone freely shared to let you see and have a pleasant and exciting adventure here. Many Asian tourists come here but the Europeans and Americans also travel here all year round to see what Bangkok and the other cities of Thailand can offer. The video is one that uploaded by a traveler so you will be able to enjoy and surely be encouraged to travel here by seeing the first-hand experience he had.

Bangkok is one of the popular cities because even if you visit it alone, you can cover many tourists spots and of course you can experience the food that is delicious. Your trip will not be complete if you did not try their yummy street foods here. Bangkok is a  city that still holds into certain traditions but also with the modern influence that is evidence by what you can see in the city. One of the markets that were shown in the video is the Wang Lang Market where you can try their different foods and see other products they sell their. Bangkok is known as a market destination also as many products are sold here that ranges to the original and the imitations with different class or levels. You can get anything here that you may have been dreaming of to have except of course a car or a motorbike. Another market is the Chatuchak Weekend Market where you can go for shopping. You can buy souvenirs for your loved ones in these markets.  Visa to China is what you needed. Making you experience the free travel joy.

If you do not like much people then you should miss many things that you can buy in this market.  Another market is the Klong Toey Market where they offer delicious food that is really fresh. One unique market in Bangkok is the Floating Market located around the city. Another market specialized for wholesale products is the Pratunam Market. Many come here to buy goods they will also resell in their own places or online stores. If you feel you already have enough with the markets then it is time you go and visit the Dusit Zoo and Lumpini Park. If you feel tired then go to have a massage. It is one of the best that you can do here in Thailand. As you can see in the video, it is really a great experience.  Do not miss the Grand Palace that is considered as one of the most respected tourist’s attractions in the city. See more of this agency’s help. You can check this reference This is so good and best agency service.