Honey Production

Honey production is basically done by honey bees. We call the bees that work for honey production as worker honey bees. As ants have a queen and workers, so do the bees too.

Honey making actually starts from the bees’ stomach. Over the field, bees will fly from flower to flower, sucking and collecting nectar from them. Bees then store this nectar on a special part of their stomach, the honey stomach. While it is being stored inside the bees’ stomach, actually, it mixes with proteins, enzymes and other nutrients that were produced by the bees inside their bodies.

We call the place where bees are kept as beehive. After roaming for a while, bringing the nectar with them, they then return to the hive. There, they will pour the nectar they collected and fill each beeswax comb.

After all the beeswax combs are filled with nectar, the bee workers will join hand in hand to dry the nectar by fanning it through their wings, flapping here and there. This activity will thicken the nectar until such time, it will become honey. Now, it is then honey to the comb, that is why it is called honeycomb. Bee workers will then cap each honey comb with wax and transfer it to an empty comb. This process it repeatedly done.

When the hive is full of capped honey, it is now then ready for extracting, production, packing and shipping. For additional information, harvest of honeycomb is usually proceeded during the end of summer or beginning of fall.

Honey is sweet. Children and even adults love it. Thanks to the bees, the true worker!