Save Bees!

The ecosystem is the life on earth. So if ecosystem is destroyed, then the earth will also be destroyed. The source of our food is the vegetation. Fruit bearing plants depends on bees that cause the pollination aside from wind. So if bees extinct, then plants extinct.  If there is no agricultural crops, then humans and animals cannot eat plants. Carnivore and omnivore animals have no prey if herbivore animals have no plants to eat. In other words, basically human being live through agricultural system.

We have to preserve the domestic and wild bees because they perform great tasks for our life. If we do not save bees, then no more production of honey, no more pollination and no more vegetables. It is reported by mass media around the world that there is a massive extinction of bees especially in the United States. The reason why there is extinction of bees or colony collapse is because of the use of pesticides over plants where bees pollinate.

There is also a poor management in agricultural farming so bees likely vanish gradually. Agricultural industry and honey industry must maintain the rules of ecosystem in order to preserve the survival of every creature in the ecosystem. Those who are not aware of how important bees are, are not aware that if bees perish then life perishes. In wildlife areas, bee colony must be protected by taking care of the environment, not burning places, cutting down trees or spraying pesticides on any plant that exists. If we want to produce honey through domestic bees, we should take good care of bees, since we also need honey.